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About the website

Dear sons and daughters of Vietnam:

We set up the website as a forum for Vietnamese all over the world to express their deep concern of the acute threat from the Chinese, our historical and implacable foe, who are taking a step-by-step invasion and assimilation of our fatherland.

In this forum you can articulate your patriotism, voice your resistance to the Chinese, and categorically state your intention to regain the land at the border, the Paracel and Spratly Islands, and the maritime areas that the Communist China has taken from us as a result of the ineptitude and cooperation of the Vietnamese Communist Party (VCP), the current ruling clique of Vietnam. The VCP, in order to protect its own interests and those of its leaders, has brazenly ceded part of our fatherland to the expansionist Communist China. The leaders of the VCP are the modern day Trần Ích Tắc and Lê Chiêu Thống. ( Past Vietnamese traitors who collaborated with the Chinese to invade Vietnam in the 13th and 18th centuries)

Our ancestors successfully resisted the efforts of assimilation from the Chinese during the colonial period that lasted about a thousand years. Since then our forefathers have managed to repulse the invasions undertaken by the Chinese dynasties of Tống(Song), Nguyên(Yuan), Minh(Ming), and Thanh(Qing), and to preserve the territorial integrity of our land and sea. Now our country once again is facing the invasion of the Chinese. They have infiltrated into the top echelons of the VCP. They are persecuting and killing our fishermen at sea with impunity and are in the process of taking over our whole country by stealth without encountering any opposition from the VCP and the Vietnamese Government.

The current encroachment of the Chinese on our fatherland poses an unprecedented danger to the survival of our people because it has the tacit and undeclared support of the VCP leaders who are putting the alien and
brutal ideology of Communism above the interests of the Vietnamese.

That is why we have witnessed the spectacle of the current (and growing) estimated 100,000 Chinese laborers in Vietnam working in strategic mining and industrial locations where the local Vietnamese authorities are not authorized to enter, let alone the Vietnamese populace.

After taking over North Vietnam in 1954 and South Vietnam in 1975, the VCP has expropriated the properties of many common people. Many of these properties end up in the hands of the VCP leaders and their followers. Those Vietnamese who are not part of the VCP are viewed with suspicion and disrespect. The VCP simply does not care for the welfare of the common people. That is why the VCP has viewed with indifference the persecution and killing of the Vietnamese fishermen at the hands of the Chinese navy personnel. Worse still, the VCP has arrested and imprisoned those caring and patriotic Vietnamese who dared protest against the encroachment of the Chinese on our territories and their persecution and killing of our fishermen. Faced with that strange and illogical response of the VCP, we, the Vietnamese people, have to ask ourselves a question: To whom the VCP is serving, the Chinese or the Vietnamese people? Could it be that the VCP regards our fatherland as their private property and now it is repaying the Chinese of the war debts with the land and the sea that our forefathers have shed blood to bequeath to all of us?

The website belongs to all Vietnamese all over the world and across all generations. This is where we get together to fight against our perennial, historical, and implacable enemy from the North who has always been bent to conquer and assimilate us once and for all. This is where we expose the venality and selling of our fatherland by the VCP. Our fight will be long and arduous, but it is a just fight as we are fighting for the very survival of our country and our people.

We have inherited from our ancestors the unyielding, independent-minded spirit. We will not let Vietnam be like Xinjiang and Tibet. Please join us and utilize this forum as a weapon to fight for our country and our people:

1. To follow and publicize all activities of expansionism of the Chinese in Vietnam, as well as all acts of acquiescence of the VCP.
2. To follow and publicize all acts of criminality of the Chinese committed on the soil and sea of Vietnam and to expose the indifference and approval of the VCP with regard to these acts.
3. To suggest ways to counter the stealth invasion of the Chinese currently under way in Vietnam.

Our forefathers have left us with a proverb:

One single tree is not as high as a mountain
Three trees on top of one another can reach the height of a mountain

Sons and daughters of Vietnam, please join us in the fight to keep Vietnam from being a province of China. It is our responsibility to keep the land with the shape of letter S from falling into the hands of the Chinese. We have to do what our forefathers have done. They had no fear of the Chinese. They believed that it was possible to drive out the Chinese.

The time to fight is now. It is much easier to fight now than later. Look at Xinjiang and Tibet and learned from their situations. They didn’t resist when the Chinese were invading their countries. Now they are putting up some feeble resistance when they realize the Han Chinese are flooding their lands, that they are being outnumbered and assimilated, and that they have become strangers in their own lands, the lands that their ancestors have bequeathed to them

October 22, 2009
Founders of the website Preserving Territorial Integrity of Our Fatherland Vietnam ( )

Le Quang Long, New Zealand
Nguyen Hung, Australia
Ngo Khoa Ba, U.S.A

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