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Injustice treatments and broken hearts of Vietnamese people of the whole country through the century since 30/04/1975

Injustice treatments and broken hearts of Vietnamese people of the whole country through the century since 30/04/1975
Nguyen Hung, Tran Hoai Nam (Danlambao) - After the Vietnamese Communist Party had occupied the whole country of Vietnam, farmers, voiceless people of all three regions of the country thought they would be living in peace, freedom to make a living without hindering. But their simple and common dream has become fantasy, and also nightmares.

Their cultivating land, manufacturing and business facilities were blatantly robbed by the Vietnamese communist party members and their minions that the Southerners called them "April 30 revolution gang" to make them their own, winning trophies of the invaders, not the army they bloated themselves as “the liberators”. After they had arrived, houses were smashed, families were disintegrated, dead was everywhere, on land in the bush, in rivers, in the East Sea.

They did not stop there. Since the 80s of the 20th century to the present day, after their campaign of robbing of land and production base of the South such as: the campaign to destroy capitalists, the campaign of re-educating commercial activities, the campaign of cooperative activities...; the Vietnamese Communist Party officials did not cease their evil and brutal actions, they in concert with the so called "red capitalist interest groups", who were their relatives or clan, to proceed to rob the last tiny piece of land which the country farmers rely only on to make a living day by day. New words created by the Vietnamese communist party to cover in velvet clothes for their coward and mindless actions, under their so-called Socialist Constitution, the remaining small piece of land in the hands of people across the country right through from Nam Quan Pass (now belongs to Chinese communist as a gift from the Vietnamese communist party) to Ca Mau Cape which they called "Forced Repatriation". And thus another group of new words are added to the dictionary of modern day of Vietnamese language under the Vietnamese communist regime, which is as painful and heartbroken to hear it mentioned, like the word "Boat People" of the years from 1975 to 1985. People of the whole country who have been experienced with this “Forced Repatriation” actions from the Vietnamese communist party have named themselves “Injustice People”

In recent decades, the “Injustice people” throughout the country have been doing what old folks used to say "rolling sand balls on the beach of the East sea" against the Vietnamese communist government thugs. Even they do know that their pains going from local to central provinces, and where the headquarters of the Vietnamese Communist Party are located, year after year, one decade to another decade, they could not shake off from the dirty and bloody hands of the communist robbers while in their hands they have the so-called Socialist and Republic Constitution written by their own communist party and used it as the shield for their so called “forced repatriation”, but the hapless farmers are still doing the unyielding work of " rolling sand balls on the beach of the East sea". The purpose of making their hopeless cries is to awaken the conscience of the people inside the country and abroad, of people around the world, of international agencies, of various governments around the world. Even though communist party officials consider people’s cries are worth not even equal to dirt, worth much less than mice in their Chinese porcelain vase of Vietnam Communist Party, but they are very afraid of adverse opinions from outside countries because they are afraid of those countries will not continue to give money, in million dollars, into their bottomless vase of the party where their party’s mice are residing and are being fatten.

During October and November 2014, injustice people - “Dân Oan” across the country have been and are continuing to gather in Hanoi ion force, the capital city where the headquarters of the Vietnamese Communist Party are based, to protest on the streets to demand, despite being assaulted and being detained. They have been continuously protesting in front of all the Vietnamese communist party organizations headquarters, the party’s government offices, party’s congress building, mansions of the elite top communist Party members like Nguyen Sinh Hùng, Nguyen Phú Trọng Trương Tan Sang, Nguyễn Tấn Dũng... Injustice People- “Dân Oan” promise not to give those communist party public officials the life of leisure in the stately mansions, on silk clothes obtained from the coercion, plundering, sucking bloods of poor and hapless ordinary people, farmers and workers.

Thank to the advance of internet, thanks to the thin mobile phone, which have been carrying and channeling the jobs and hopes of very courageous and tenacious Injustice People - “Dân Oan”- to all Vietnamese living inside of Vietnam and abroad. Injustice People-“Dân Oan” are both demonstrators standing up to publicly denounce the Vietnamese communists (Việt cộng) who have treated them so heartlessly and unscrupulously. “Injustice People” have been doing the task as “Reporters on the Pavements”. They were not afraid of difficulties and dangerous assaults throwing at them by the Vietnamese communist police thugs. They enthusiastically gathered and disseminated news of their demonstrations to everyone. Injustice People are the true “Injustice People making News”-"Dan Oan Making News".

Below is the video clip combining few short video clips recorded by the Injustice People (Dan Oan) while they were protesting and living in the past few days: 

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